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The Renzoku Kumite were developed by Kamigaito Yoshikazu Sensei during his stay in Belgium …  during the 1970s of the past century.

He was surprised by the rigid way in which Europeans practiced Karate and especially the Wado-Ryu Karate.

The movements of the hips, specific to the Budo, were very weakly present. The “flexible” concept was confused with the “agile” concept.

He was therefore convinced that Karatekas in Belgium, with such an approach, could not grasp the subtle movements of the Wado-Ryu such as those taught in the Kihon Kumite…

Naihanchi Kata – Wado-Ryu

See also Master Kamigaito Yoshikazu’s Karate Manual on the Higher Katas of Wado-Ryu

Sanchin Kata as taught by Kamigaito Yoshikazu Sensei

Kata Sanchin by Jean-Maurice Huard

Tensho Kata as taught by Kamigaito Yoshikazu Sensei and in this video taught by Jean-Maurice Huard

Jean-Maurice Huard teaches Tensho Kata. View on YouTube…

Kata Tensho was taught to us in Belgium by Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei who practiced Gojo-Ryu, Nippon Kempo and then Wado-Ryu. In this video, Jean-Maurice Huard teaches this essential Kata to students from different clubs. This type of Kata, like most Katas, is not learned, you have to practice it all your life.

Le Kata Tensho nous a été enseigné en Belgique par Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei qui a pratiqué la Gojo-Ryu, le Nippon Kempo et ensuite le Wado-Ryu. Dans cette vidéo, Jean-Maurice Huard enseigne ce Kata essentiel aux élèves de différents clubs. Ce type de Kata, comme la plupart des Katas, ne s’apprend pas, il se pratique toute la vie.
Kata Tensho werd ons in België geleerd door Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei die Gojo-Ryu, Nippon Kempo en vervolgens Wado-Ryu beoefende. In deze video leert Jean-Maurice Huard deze essentiële Kata aan studenten van verschillende clubs. Dit type Kata wordt, zoals de meeste Kata’s, niet geleerd, het wordt het hele leven beoefend.
Kata Tensho wurde uns in Belgien von Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei unterrichtet, der gojo-Ryu, Nippon Kempo und dann Wado-Ryu praktizierte. In diesem Video lehrt Jean-Maurice Huard dieses wesentliche Kata für Schüler verschiedener Clubs. Diese Art von Kata, wie die meisten Katas, lernt man nicht, sie wird das ganze Leben praktiziert.


The Kihon Wado-Ryu was performed by Jean-Maurice Huard and Peter Keijers in the 80s – 90s in the Karate Room of the Tshinto Karate Club in Leuven Belgium.

  • Junzuki
  • Kette Junzuki
  • Gyakuzuki
  • Kette Gyakuzuki
  • Junzuki-No-Tsukomi
  • Kette Junzuki-No-Tsukomi
  • Gyakuzuki-No-Tsukomi
  • Kette Gyakuzuki-No-Tsukomi

These techniques are detailed and explained in The book of Master Kamigaito Yoshikazu, Kihon-Volume 2.
You can download this book via the link

The Kihon by Jean-Maurice Huard and Peter Keijers: on YouTube….