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Loose reflections on Budo, Karatedo and Wado Ryu karate in particular (1) – Jan Houblon

Because I have always been of the opinion that a budo practitioner -in addition to his daily practice- should constantly reflect on that same practice and subject it to critical reflection, I am making you part of some of these reflections. The reader should take note of these in the full knowledge that these are subjective views on an occupation to which I have always devoted myself with heart and soul.
On the principle of Shu Ha Ri and my personal adaptation to it:
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KIHON NO KATA, also called KIHON NO KATA N°1 (WADO-RYU) is a basic Kata taught to us by Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei in the years 1970-1990 in Belgium. (More information about Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei on the website

This apparently very simple Kata is initially intended to be taught to beginners in Wado-Ryu Karate.

After the starting Yoi position, only the Zen Kutsu Dachi position is used.

There are three techniques used in this Kihon No Kata N°1, namely, Junzuki Chudan, Gedan Barai and Jodan Age Uke. For more details on these techniques, I refer you to the Wado-Ryu Karate Manual for Instructors – Volume 2 “KIHON” written by Yoshikazu Kamigaito Sensei ( )

In addition to these three techniques to be worked on during the Kata, there are two important aspects to develop:

1. Body rotations with change of direction and execution of Gedan Barai.     

Here, the greatest possible range of rotation of the hips should be sought and therefore, in the first movement for example, the placement of the left foot should be in the right place before the body and hips change attitude or direction. Only the left arm will be placed with the fist a little lower than the right shoulder, back of the fist downwards…

You can download the full description of Kihon No Kata and Kette Kihon No Kata by clicking on the link below: